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SLC 7th floor - noise concerns

Hi! I'm a graduate student and I frequently commute to campus to make use of the grad silent study room in the SLC building. Unfortunately the noise levels in this space are very unpredictable. The group study rooms that border on the silent room get VERY noisy. I know when you book one of these rooms, at the bottom of the booking students are reminded that it's a quiet floor. Could this maybe appear prominently at the top of the booking? Could we also add signage to these rooms reminding students to maintain a minimal volume? A lot of students are intervening, asking people to lower the volume, but this requires ongoing negotiation (which is distracting and disruptive to those trying to make use of the silent study space). There really are only two silent study spaces for grad students on campus, while there are plenty of other options for group meetings. I'm hoping we can do more to promote a quiet culture on the 7th floor. A lot of students do not have access to a quiet work environment at home and I think it is important to have these type of spaces available to students on campus.
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Thank you for your thoughtful suggestions! You're correct, the culture of quiet should pervade every space on the 7th floor, not just the open areas. I've your recommendations on to the SLC staff, as well as the library staff who maintain the room booking system.

In the meantime, SLC staff are able to help with noise control - you can ask a staff member in a black or yellow t-shirt to have a word with noisy patrons, or send an email to for assisstance.

If you'd like to follow up with the SLC staff directly, their email address is

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  1. Hi Stephen. Thanks for taking the time to express your concerns about noise in the Library and SLC. Believe it or not, we're continuously addressing this issue with training, assistance from security and signage. I will share your concerns with our various partners and collaborators to see what can be done. Thanks again for taking the time to outline your concerns in such a productive manner. Best!
    by Mandissa Arlain on Feb 08, 2017.
  2. I agree with the original poster. I do not understand the floor layout having both quiet study area and the group study areas. A) Having the group study area eliminate alot of space which can be used for individual study areas when the school obviously lack quiet study space. B) The dichotomy of having the group study and quiet study area in the same space does not work because the group study obviously involve talking. C) calling for staffs is only a temporary solution as the room gets turned over every hour and so.
    I understand the school wants to promote a collaborative work, but there should be a balance between solidarity and solitary. I really wish the school to consider getting rid of the group study space on the 7th floor over the summer and make it a dedicated quiet study zone. And, please, get rid of that elevator bell sound!!!
    by Junho Choi on Mar 13, 2018.
  3. Thanks for your comments. As this relates to study space on the SLC's 7th floor, I will share your comments with the SLC's Governance and Working Groups, for their consideration. Staff at the SLC can be reached more directly at
    by Cecile Farnum on Mar 14, 2018.

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